Strategic Company and Community Leadership

Scott is the Founder and President of TAAG Development and leads all management and investment activities. Scott develops TAAG’s strategic focus and personally oversees the design & construction of each development.  He focuses on building commercial ecosystems where tenants thrive.

Before TAAG, Scott practiced law at Davis Brown law firm in Des Moines, IA, where he focused his practice on small businesses, community and economic development, and venture financings.  He assisted private developers, non-profit entities, and small businesses. Before practicing at Davis Brown, Scott worked in institutional investment research and trading in Chicago, Il.  Mikkelsen also currently serves as a Board Member for Rural Development Partners, a subsidiary of Ag Ventures Alliance, which provides loans for rural businesses that provide employment opportunities and wealth creation in distressed rural communities.  He recently served as an Advisory Board Member at Harvard’s Center for Public Leadership.


  • Harvard University, MPA
  • Center for Public Leadership, Advisory Board Member 2012-13
  • Duke University School of Law, J.D.
  • Manchester Institute of Science & Technology
  • MSC Economics
  • University of Northern Iowa, BA
  • Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Duke Journal of Constitutional Law and Public Policy

A Unique Approach to Development

At TAAG Development, we create engaging commercial ecosystems that foster collaboration and growth. We partner with top architects and designers to develop unique properties that go beyond traditional commercial spaces. By attracting a mix of tenants who complement each other, we create communities that benefit from each other’s success.

Our mission is to create commercial properties that are more than just spaces to conduct business. We aim to create vibrant, thriving communities that benefit everyone involved, and we are dedicated to achieving this mission through innovation, collaboration, and excellence in all that we do.

Our focus on enhancing the customer experience leads to increased foot traffic and sales, benefiting both our tenants and the surrounding community. We strive to be a leader in the commercial property development industry by constantly innovating and staying ahead of the curve. Our commitment to excellence in design, functionality, and sustainability ensures that our properties are not just buildings, but dynamic environments that inspire success.

Unique Properties

TAAG Development’s properties are designed to be more than just run-of-the-mill commercial spaces. They are engaging environments that foster collaboration and growth. By partnering with top architects and designers, TAAG Development creates unique properties that stand out and attract a diverse mix of tenants.

Commercial Ecosystems

TAAG Development’s ecosystem approach to development focuses on attracting a mix of tenants who will benefit from each other’s success. This approach creates a community of businesses that foster an environment of collaboration and growth.

Customer Experience

By providing an enhanced customer experience and creating engaging spaces that offer more than just a place to conduct business, TAAG Development enhances the customer experience. This approach not only benefits the tenants but also attracts more customers to the property, leading to increased foot traffic and sales.


TAAG Development is committed to sustainability and incorporates sustainable practices into its properties wherever possible. By creating eco-friendly buildings, TAAG Development helps tenants reduce their environmental impact and save money on energy costs.


TAAG Development is committed to staying ahead of the curve and constantly innovating. By staying on top of trends and incorporating new technologies and design elements into its properties, TAAG Development ensures that its properties are always at the cutting edge.


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